The Kashcool platform resulted from the summary of the experience of educational, and technological cadres, thus becoming the largest educational platform in Arab world.

At Kashcool, we are interested in scientific interactive education, which has proven a gigantic efficiency in many advanced fields, and we provide students with an experience designed specifically to serve them and strive to excel them through modern technology.

get to know the message of KASHCOOL

At Kashcool we strive to achieve inclusion; Thus, we will cover all the needs of the active elements in the educational process:

1- Society: We seek to create an interactive environment in the folds of Arab world society where everyone interacts harmoniously; With the help of Kashcool, to reach the students' superiority and distinction.


2- Student: We put students first, which is why we have introduced new Kashcool technologies to facilitate academic achievement and overall understanding of the curriculum.


3- The teacher: we took the teachers into account; Because they are the most important link in the application of the Kashcool's message, it becomes easier for teachers and schools to ensure the excellence of their students through Kashcool and its modern technologies.


4- The guardian: We felt the burdens that weighed on their shoulders, so we made Kashcool a safe haven; To reassure them and guide their children and our children towards success!

get to know the vision of KASHCOOL

After we became the largest educational platform in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, our vision went to development. We introduced new interactive technologies to the unique Kashcool experience; Let us thus give our users more wonderful features that contribute to facilitating the educational process for all parties involved, from the student to the parent.

get to know the values of KASHCOOL

1- Sustainability: We at Kashcool strive to continue the creative educational process for all students. Therefore, we keep pace with new developments, add them and employ them in a way that is in line with our culture and the culture of our dear children; to create a sustainable relationship between Kashcool and the students.


2- Professionalism: You will not find in Kashcool what you find in other platforms, as it is a platform based on selecting the best, and that is why we have chosen for you the best developers and programmers, the best educators and those who have a great lead in the educational process, and other partners that we rely on to produce work in a dress worthy of society, And professionalism worthy of our values ​​and the quality of our platform.


3- Responsibility: We take upon ourselves the superiority of our children Kashcool students, and we work continuously to ensure their excellence and achievement of the highest levels of success in the basic Kuwaiti and Saudi curricula.